Proper attire/equipment

  1. If player is wearing a hat it must be worn facing forward
  2. Team shirt (numbers must be showing)
  3. Long pants are STRONGLY encouraged (for player safety)
  4. Running shoes or plastic cleats are mandatory (no open toed shoes, or metal cleats)
  5. No jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklace, etc.) with the exception of Medic-Alert bracelets
  6. Only bats and balls provided by the league may be used


  1. The bases will be placed 45 feet apart for Jr & Int divisions and 65 feet apart for the Senior division.
  2. Pitching circle will be centered at 30 feet.


  1. Both males and females are welcome to sign up for league play; however there is no minimum or maximum ratio of males/females required per team in order for a game to be played in the Jr & Int divisions. Senior teams must have at least 2 females on the field at all times (no max).


  1. At-bat coaches are allowed at first and third base.
  2. Coaches may not touch or assist any player on the field while the ball is in play. Touching or assisting a player will result in an automatic out for the runner.
  3. No smoking by coaches or parents on the field or in the dugout area (City of Ottawa By-Law)
  4. As Coaches it is imperative that you set a good example. Swearing, arguments and insulting remarks are not allowed. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. A coach may be removed from his/her duties if this arises.

Game Rules – Structure

  1. Game starting time – as per schedules handed out. 15 minute grace period is allowed for players to arrive to make a team of at least 8. A team must field at least 8 players or forfeit the game (Note: If a game is forfeited due to lack of players, we strongly encourage teams to split up their players into two equal groups and play a “fun game”.)
  2. Any game that is forfeited will be scored as a 7-0 victory in the standings for the team with the proper amount of players.
  3. Each game will consist of 7 innings or 1 hour 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
  4. Rain out games will be scored as a tie with each team receiving one point until the game can be replayed.
    If opportunity exists, we will replay all rained out games.
  5. If game is not cancelled by 4:30 pm then teams MUST report to diamonds. In the event of inclement weather, coaches will informed whether the game will be played or not.
  6. A game is considered “official” once 4 full innings have been played (3 ½ if the home team is leading). After the bottom of the 4th inning, if the game can no longer be played due to weather, the final score will be the total after the last complete inning.

ex: Team A is batting first. The score is 4-0 for Team A after 4 innings. In the top of the 5th inning Team A scores 2 more runs, however due to lightning in the area, the game is called. Because the score was 4-0 after the last complete inning (i.e. the 4th) the final score would officially be 4-0, as Team B did not receive a chance to bat in the bottom of the 5th.

Game Rules – Team in the field

  1. Each team will field one player in all normal baseball positions (C P 1b 2b SS 3b LF CF RF) for a total of 9 fielders on defense at a time. Senior division teams are permitted to play a 10th fielder as a “rover” (cannot have an additional infielder)
  2. Outfielders must not come past the infield line. The infield line is not marked but is considered to be 10ft outside the base line.
  3. A throw that goes out of bounds (i.e. past the screen) is considered a dead ball. Intentional throws out of bounds will advance all base runners to the base they were going to, plus one additional base.
  4. Infield fly rule does not apply.
  5. Safety Bag rule will be enforced. Players at first base must ONLY touch the white portion of the bag with their foot when fielding a ball in play. If a defending player touches the orange portion of the bag or obstructs the batter’s base running in any way, the batter will be ruled safe.

Game Rules – Team at bat

  1. Each batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches from their coach. If after 5 pitches the batter has not put the ball in play, it will be consider a strikeout. If the 5th pitch is hit foul, it will also result in a strikeout (Jr. & Int only)
  2. Coaches must pitch from inside circle (Jr. & Int only)
  3. If the at-bat teams’ pitcher is hit by the ball, then the play is dead. The pitch does not count against the pitch count and the batter gets a re-pitch.
  4. Player’s will remain in the same batting order for the entire game. Score sheets must reflect this.
  5. The ball must be hit before any runner may leave their base. Any runner leading off is automatically out. (Teams will receive one warning per game before leadoff rule results in an out)
  6. No sliding under ANY circumstances
  7. No bunting will be permitted in this league
  8. Umpires will mark a commitment line 20 feet from home plate. If a runner rounds third and passes this line then they MUST continue to home. Any player who passes the commitment line and then returns to 3rd base will be ruled out.
  9. To avoid collisions at home, umpires will draw a line parallel to home plate which runners must cross in order to be called safe. Any runner who touches the plate itself, whether intentional or not, will be ruled out (one warning per team before rule is enforced).
  10. There will be no tags at home plate. The catcher simply needs to have a foot on home plate and catch the ball prior to the runner crossing the home plate line to make the out.
  11. Bat throwing is not allowed. One warning per team per game after which the batter will be called out.
  12. No base stealing allowed.
  13. Any foul tip caught by the catcher will result in an out (no height restriction)
  14. Maximum of 5 runs per inning for each team (no overall score mercy rule). Last inning is unlimited.

***Junior Division ONLY

  1. If the defending team returns the ball to the pitcher the play is ruled over and base runners may no longer advance bases. The umpire will determine which base each runner will hold up at.
  2. ***Senior Division ONLY: Normal rules of baseball apply when pitching to the opposing team (4 balls = walk, 3 strikes = out, foul tipped 3rd strike counts as an out).
  3. ***Senior Division ONLY: If a player is walked on 4 straight balls they will receive 2 bases automatically and the next batter must hit (regardless of whether they are male or female).
  4. ***Senior Division ONLY: If the pitcher is struck by the ball on a line drive (i.e. the ball has not bounced off the ground) the batter will be ruled OUT regardless of the pitch count. It is the batter’s responsibility to put the ball in play safely.
  5. ***Senior Division ONLY: Pitchers MUST wear facial protection at all times before they are permitted to pitch.

Have a Fun and Enjoyable season.

All questions/disputes can be addressed to Kyle Skinner at